Half Marathon

11 Feb in personal, running, work out

So I've decided to take back my health. It really wasn't a new years resolution, though it all started at the beginning of the year. My sister lives in Georgia and has been an avid runner for some time now. She has been hounding me and my wife to run a race with her for a year or so. Finally when we saw the whole family at Christmas she convinced us to run a race. The only race that worked, however, was a half marathon and it was in February. The short of the story is that we decided to go for it. 13.1 miles was more than we ever dreamed of running at once, but it was a very good goal to shoot for.

Our training started the week before January 1. We ran 5-6 times a week no fewer than 3 miles at a time to begin with. It didn't take long before running 6 miles felt like a breeze. It actually feels good.

Anyway, the race was last Saturday. We finished, though it was very tough. Our rough estimate time was a 10 minute mile and I finished in 2:11:39. Fun little fact the oldest contestant in the race beat me and my wife. So take a look at the final results. I finished 775 out of 1500, and Lynn finished 808.

Mark N Lynn Finished Half Marathon

We are actually planning on doing a 10kish run in June.


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