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18 Jun

The music is everywhere

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My undergraduate degree is in Music Education. When I was student teaching my discipline for the class was setup on a rewards system (I was k5-5th grade). The class had "m-u-s-i-c" written on the board and would lose a letter if I needed to discipline for a particular reason. The reward was a star at the end of class and 1 point for each letter that remained on the board, with a bonus 5 points if no letters were removed. Basically it served as a competition. I told them that the class from each age group with the most points at the end of the month would get a special prize.

05 Dec

Phoenix performing on a bus in Paris

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This is an amazing video by Phoenix performing on a bus. Two things that make this great. First is that it is Phoenix, of course, and second because of the great videography. Enjoy: