12 Jul

Is the Internet Making Us Stupid? The Amazing potential of the Internet.

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The New York Times published two articles about the negative trend of test scores associated with wide spread Internet access. The first article has the detailed information. Essentially the studies looked at either areas where the Internet spread and compared test scores, or in the first case looking at a voucher program for low income families to purchase computers. In all of the cases cited test scores dropped, though in some cases only modestly.

11 Jan

Music technology for pedagoy

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During my Undergraduate degree music ed majors were required each semester to take an instrument class. At first I thought the idea was great. I would choose an instrument that I had no previous experience with and learn the basics in that instrument, maybe pick up a new instrument along the way. In reality I didn't like the classes at all for a few reasons. First my school had the grand idea that you learn theses instruments with the intent to be "prepared" to teach these instruments to beginning students.